101 Zombies Latest Version 4 Apk Mod

101 Zombies
101 Zombies
Developer: DJCat
Price: Free

101 Zombies Latest Version 4 Apk Mod free download..

The description of 101 Zombies

-Custom AI lets hundreds of zombies on screen at the same time.
-Multiple weapons to let you deal with the undead such as handguns, shotguns, machine guns, and even RPGs!
-Wear masks as a way to gain advantages during the battle like health recovery or faster speed.
-Fight zombies at a variety of areas such as inside a mall, around a farm, by a train station, or a military base.
-Gamepad support is supported and recommended.
-This app contains NO In-App-Purchases, just you and your skill!Each wave of this survival horror game gets increasingly more difficult as swarms of zombies try to take you down. Try to pick a location that fits your play style, do you want to take cover in a corner or run and gun? Find what works best for you!

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