Redsun RTS Premium 1.1.139 Apk Mod

Redsun RTS Premium
Redsun RTS Premium
Developer: Digital Garbage
Price: €1.29+

Description of Redsun RTS Premium

RTS – Real-Time Strategy is a prevalent strategy game genre because of the unique experiences it can bring to players. The game offers a unique tactical style that no other game series can do. One of the most famous legends of this series is Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, also known by many as RA2. Over the years of development, this game still attracts players, so it is still selected for entertainment. Then do you want to experience this game but in the mobile version or not? There is one game that can provide a similar experience, Redsun RTS Premium.

Prime example of the genre classic RTS

Players coming to the game will be playing the role of a mighty and growing army commander. The country’s development will need many resources to be able to do it, but the country’s resources are gradually being depleted. So the only way is to expand the colony through war, and it won’t be easy. Your assistant has found a prosperous land with many resources, enough for long-term development. However, this land is owned by two different powers. If you want to take it over, you must destroy both forces.

edsun RTS is a prime example of the genre classic RTS, unjustly forgotten today.
In this game you directly and as speaks for itself the name of the genre, real-time control armies, build a base, plan attacks and to strengthen the defense on the battlefield. At your disposal different types of units – each with their own tasks, strengths and weaknesses. The game is done in 2D-isometric style.

Key features:
– no donat
– Is almost identical to the first RTS on the PC control (adjusted for the use of the touchscreen).
– 2D graphics with the use particles
– Absence of software restrictions on the creation units (restriction can relate only weak machines)
– Multiplayer 1×1
– Ability to play with the mouse by using OTG-cable
– The system of ranks and achievements using the service Google Play

Differences between the paid version:
– No advertising
– The ability to play for the USSR
– research in offline game

Redsun RTS Premium 1.1.139 Apk Mod free Download.

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