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Polysphere BTS Puzzle Game
Polysphere BTS Puzzle Game

Hello Army BTS!?!?
Feel Bored? you have nothing to do? you Love BTS? just install and play this amazing Polysphere BTS Puzzle Game.

In this game you can play creatively by arrange a puzzle into an image of BTS Member like V taehyung and Jungkook.
also this game is completely free and you don’t need to pay anything. if you are real fans of BTS just install this game and don’t forget to tell your friends and family so they are playing with you too.

if you just playing this game on your own you will be bored though. so tell your friends who love BTS to install and play too

– Creative
– More than 100+ Puzzle BTS Polysphere
– Weekly Update

-Puzzle V Polysphere
-Puzzle Jimin Polysphere
-Puzzle Jungkook Polysphere
-Puzzle RM Polysphere
-Puzzle Suga Polysphere
-Puzzle Jin Polysphere
-Puzzle Jhope Polysphere

so what are you waiting for? join BTS Army now! and enjoy playing the Puzzle BTS Polysphere

How to Play:
1. Choose number 1-100
2. Rotate until the puzzle become an image
3. You can save it if you want to

this game is unoffical game of BTS, it just game that made from fans and this game is also for BTS fans too. all content is from fans allover the world and there is no copyright in the image

hope you guys enjoy playing the game.
thank you

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