Orcs Attack! | D&D Initiative Tracker & Generators

### A Suite of DM Tools

This app is made up of a pool of DM Tools that I found were needed on my table. For now It consists of a Dynamic Initiative Tracking system and a Random Encounter Map Generator. Although built around the D&D 5e system, one can use it with any RPG.

### Dynamic Initiative Tracking

– Add playable and non-playable characters with their names and initiative modifiers and roll separate initiative orders for each round of combat
– Add a bunch of monsters with pregenerated numbered names with one tap
– Remove characters from combat as they leave or die
– Save and load characters

### Random Encounter Map Generator

– Include the starting positions of allies and enemies on the map to achieve complete DM impartiallity 😉
– Random Encounter Map Generator, with customizable options for tree, rock and river spawns, as well as a campfire indicating the players’ camp position
– Small 5×5 up to large 20×20 grid sizes
– Add a campfire and have the friendly characters spawn near it while the enemies creep from all around it!

### Random NPC Generator

– Create random NPC with details for easy on the fly DMing
– Story oriented creation, with plot hooks, useful info and secrets for each NPC
– Make every character memorable with unique characteristics
– (Planned) Save and Load NPCs
– (Planned) Add written notes

### Contact

For any ideas, propositions, comments etc contact me on fivosiliadis@gmail.com

This application and all of its content are not in any way affiliated with Wizards of the Coast. The content has been reduced to abide by copyright infringement laws. To use this app to the fullest extent the user should own a copy of the original books.

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