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Knives Out-No rules, just fight!
Knives Out-No rules, just fight!

Description of Knives Out 

The Knives Out is the official international name of the Wilderness Region – a mobile game with the same gameplay as PUBG, released by NetEase that has “knocked down” Tencent’s the Honor of Kings. As we reported earlier, Honor of Kings a huge brand and reputation of Tencent recently lost the Top 1 position in the App Store China in the hand of new mobile game is identical to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG Mobile), called Wilderness.

After more than a week since the time of the subversion the No. 1 of the Honor of Kings, NetEase immediately released the English language version with the international name of this game: Knives Out. This is a very understandable activity by NetEase when its game is very popular and enjoyed by the gamer community. As introduced, the Knives Out gameplay is identical to PUBG, which allows 100 paratroopers to land on an island. At the point indicated when the player landed, the next thing to do is to quickly collect items for survival, such as weapons, armour, mines or ammunition before the others fight. until die.

Season 15 is underway!

【Five players in a group, A hundred players in a battle! 】
Five players in a group, a hundred players in a battle! Working with teammates to live to the end!

【Can you survive to the next second? 】
Footsteps are closing, gunshots are ringing in your ears and crisis are everywhere! Can you survive to the next second?

【Violent confrontation, Fierce battle!】
Collide fiercely with enemies’ vehicles! Survival is only in one moment!

【Creative and Fresh leisure gameplay!】
Sniper Battle, 50V50, Team Fight… A lot of creative leisure games are constantly updated, and you can find the most suitable one!

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