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Experiment this puzzle game which will force you to think in different/multiple ways. Each level has a unique logic to solve it.

✔ Time to open your mind and Think in a different way, It’s a unique puzzle box just for you and I am sure you have not played this type of game before.

✔ Move, click, tap, hold and Think to complete levels. EACH LEVEL HAVE UNIQUE LOGIC TO SOLVE, Which makes it more challenging and a great workout for your brain which awaits you to play. Play now test your smartness and prove that you can solve all puzzles. There are plenty of hints available that will guide you towards solutions.

✔ Challenge your brain with our logic puzzles, think right, think smart, think different, This is a quick exercise to your brain. Each puzzle design logic guides you to the solution, You need to Think in a logical way. For some Brain teaser puzzles you will scratch your head for the solution, In that case, you need logic thinking, lateral thinking, critical thinking. This is a brain game for all ages.

✔ How smart you are. By this game feed your brain to think smart and in multiple ways.
✔ Use your brain in an effective way, Think, act, try, try-again, reach to the solution is the only way to solve brain puzzles in this brain challenging puzzle. If you stuck on any level then there is help available which will guild you towards solution.

✔ Play/Replay offline at any time. Waiting for cab, train, bus — Why not utilize time to solve some challenging puzzles or give workout to brain. You can jump to any solved puzzle at any time.
There is no time limit to use your brain and solve each puzzle.

There are red, green and other colors but you need to focus on Blue.

The app continuously improved and new puzzles added in each new update.

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